How AllClear Travel Insurance use reviews to give customers confidence to travel

Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2018
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Since 2000, AllClear Travel Insurance have been helping people with medical conditions to still fulfill their travel dreams.

With an easy purchasing process, a range of products, and support throughout, AllClear have become a leading specialist travel insurance provider.

AllClear’s commitment to engaging with and displaying customer feedback gives customers the confidence to buy from them and realise that travel doesn’t necessarily need to be limited by age or medical conditions.

We sat down with marketing manager Letitia Smith to find out more.

Key stats about All Clear Travel Insurance

  • 9.2 TrustScore

  • 1,800+ reviews

What made you choose Trustpilot?

“Travel insurance can be quite an emotional purchase, especially if people have been recently diagnosed with a medical condition or have been refused cover elsewhere.

Trustpilot is important as it gives us that added level of credibility. It’s touching to read the responses people write after they’ve bought from us. It shows us what a difference we are making, and how we can make our service better in the future.”

What are the biggest advantages you’ve seen with Trustpilot?

“The credibility of customer reviews was the biggest reason for using Trustpilot. To have other people independently verify how great you are is really humbling. It’s important to our customers to see that people similar to them have used our service - it can be an inspiration for others travelling with medical conditions.”

How has Trustpilot helped you build trust with new and existing customers?

“I think that with something like our product, which can be a worrying and emotional purchase, the feedback shows people there are others like them who have used us and trusted us.

And getting a quote can be complicated if you have a lot of medical conditions to declare, so having reviews to show that our process is a little easier than they thought really helps."

What problems has Trustpilot solved?

“We had seen other companies with Google Seller Ratings - our original aim was to match these competitors.

But then it snowballed. People kept coming back saying how much we had helped them by giving them cover when they have struggled to find it elsewhere. It was really inspiring to read and fitted so well with what we believe. It became a great testimonial site.”

How have your team reacted internally to Trustpilot?

“What we do find is that the wider company often check our reviews to see where we are and how good the service we’re offering is. Our current CEO is even hands on with the reviews, writing responses occasionally to people who have an issue.”


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