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Easily maximize Trustpilot ROI with the TrustBox Optimizer

Wednesday, June 6, 2018
Maximize Trustpilot ROI with TrustBox Optimizer

Trustpilot is thrilled to announce the release of our TrustBox Optimizer - an easy and efficient way to track and optimize your TrustBoxes to ensure you are always getting the best results from your integrations.

How does it work?

You’re a mere three steps away from conversion success:

  1. Put a TrustBox on your website.
  2. Add the conversion tracking code (that we supply).
  3. Sit tight - we’ll collect the data and generate insights for you.

What qualifies as a “conversion”?

Conversions, in this case, are any type of goal you want a site visitor to complete. That could be completing a sign-up form, finishing a step in a checkout funnel, or entering their email address.

With the conversion code in place, we’re able to measure the following:

  • Track any type of conversion (e.g. completed purchases, trial sign ups, etc.…)
  • Track ROI (e.g. total revenue, avg. basket size, avg. order value, etc.)

How does adding a TrustBox impact conversion rates?

Providing social proof - your third party validated customer reviews - will reassure prospective customers and site visitors, encouraging them to feel secure, trust your business, and convert.

As far as measuring the success of the TrustBox, that will depend entirely on your business goals.

If you want to figure out which TrustBox garners more conversions, that’s one test - you can use our conversion tracking code to pit two TrustBoxes against each other - our software will automatically show one TrustBox 50% of the time, and the other 50% of the time to determine which generates a higher conversion rate.


If you want to determine how much displaying Trustpilot reviews impacts the conversion rate of any given page on your website, we’ll use the conversion tracking code to A/B test the page with and without reviews, to see how each given version performs.

Why is this valuable?

The TrustBox optimizer allows you to benchmark and monitor progress, optimize conversion rates, and free-up time - we do all the work for you!

You’ll be able to determine which TrustBoxes work best for your traffic, where to place TrustBoxes to boost revenue and sign-ups, and measure the impact! Provide a data-backed reason to your boss of why Trustpilot reviews are valuable for your business, and ensure you’re making the most of your Trustpilot partnership.

Summary of Test Results TBO

Sample results for a conversion optimization test.

This all sounds amazing… how long does it take?

The implementation is simple, all you need is the two pieces of code - one for the Trustbox, and one for the tracking. Once you’ve added that with a simple copy/paste to your site, our platform tracks and monitors the performance.

Pagamento screenshot uses the TrustBox Optimizer to test conversion rates for a horizontal TrustBox on their website.

Once integrated, it will typically take between 2-4 weeks to measure the impact of a TrustBox, depending on the volume of website traffic and your current conversion rate. By testing high-traffic pages, you can get more accurate results in a shorter timeframe.

Our beta-testers had great results, ranging from a 4% increase in conversions with a 5% increase in revenue per customer, to a 10% increase in conversions with an estimated revenue gain of nearly 4,000 EUR (about $4200 USD) per month.

The TrustBox Optimizer easily helped us to verify TrustBoxes boost our conversions with 10%! For us it’s essential to constantly monitor results of external tools and we’ve found Trustpilot to be a great product!
Emmanuele Lombardo, Account Manager for Baldiflex at Lotrek Digital Agency

Not bad for the simple addition of tracking code.

If you currently partner with Trustpilot, reach out to your Account Manager to discuss implementing the TrustBox Optimizer. If you are still considering Trustpilot, click on the link below to get a call from one of our top reps to discuss your conversion potential further.

request a trustpilot demo

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