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How to get the most out of asking for customer feedback

Thursday, June 7, 2018

“Businesses need to listen to their customers. Feedback helps companies that are good grow faster than ever.”

That’s the view of leading Silicon Valley expert Marty Cagan, who recently spoke with us about the role of online reviews in a world where business lifespans are shortening.

It’s something we agree with, and have seen in practice. By listening to and engaging with customer feedback, you can become the business people want. That means more sales.

Yet in some realms, online review communities are seen as a hassle because the ROI of customer feedback cannot be easily measured.

Well here is just one way to collect customer feedback: Review Invitations.

By the end of this blog you’ll see what we’re working on to ensure you can collect feedback from your customers quickly, easily, and without any fuss.

asking for feedback

Review invitations: Finding a tempting template

Review invitations are a key way to collect customer feedback.

To help you collect reviews as quickly and as easily as possible, there’s a range of review invitation templates at your fingertips.

A tempting template saves you time, money, and effort. But what makes a template tempting?

Through A/B testing your invitations, we’re beginning to find out. Between the first version of the template and the most recent version, our customers have seen:

  • Improved click through rates (customers who clicked through to the evaluation page) of 138%
  • Improved conversion rates (customers who wrote a review) of 56%

Here’s what changed from version 1 in 2015 to the current version 4, so you can see how we’re trying to help you use an impactful invitation template.

Version 1: The standard text invite

Here’s your standard English review invite template.

Version 1 Template

Picture taken from our testing site

With this plain text version as a base, we started measuring how successful your review invitations were and what happens when small tweaks are made. This led to something a bit more visual.

Version 4: The latest review invitation

Version 4 invite template

Picture taken from our testing site

This is the template you can choose to ask for feedback today.

The online review industry is constantly changing, and your needs are changing too, so we’re always on a quest to improve the review invitations, freeing up your time while helping you get the success you want.

Invitation reminders

So you’ve sent out a tempting review invitation based on a Trustpilot template, but you’ve not received a response.

That’s where invitation reminders come in.

With the invitation reminders feature, you’ll make sure that customers who might have forgotten to review you know where to go to give their feedback.

Our customers who use invitation reminders have seen that one-in-three reminders lead to a customer writing a review.

That’s means 35% of review invitation reminders lead to reviews being written.

Here’s how it looks right now.

Invitation reminder example

Picture taken from our testing site

It looks different to the standard review invitation, purely to prevent confusion between the original invitation and this quick reminder.

Just because you ask twice doesn’t mean you’re a pest! Think of all the distractions we face: perhaps a phone call got in the way, or Netflix proved too compelling.

And, like the review invitation templates, we will keep working on the invitation reminders to make sure you can hit the customer feedback targets you set without any extra effort from you.

A continued effort

We’re constantly testing and tweaking the communications you can use to collect feedback from your customers.

Do you have any ideas for further improvements? How do you design your email invitations?

Leave a comment and let us know, or request a free Trustpilot demo below.

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