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How online businesses can increase traffic ahead of the holiday shopping surge

Monday, March 19, 2018
Christmas trustpilot webinar

Winter is coming and that means the holidays are just a few months ahead. For retailers, online and offline, the holidays bring about a flurry of shopping activity culminating in three major shopping days - Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.

Last year, the Adobe Digital Index Holiday Shopping report found that over $91.7B was spent online, 11% higher than the year before. This growth rate was also consistently found in the UK, France, and Canada. Black Friday and Cyber Monday each experienced over $3B of sales, the most of any other day in the year.

Overall, larger retailers were able to scoop up most of the increased revenue, growing by 12.6% during that period, where small retailers only grew 4.7%. This may be due to the fact that larger retailers had more of an online presence and were able to dedicate more resources to capture a high-spending audience. By increasing their spending and advertising, retailers can often convince shoppers where to make purchases during this crucial shopping period.

However, this doesn't mean other online businesses can't compete. We've compiled a set of strategies, tips, and tactics to bring new visitors to your site while increasing your conversion rate for your existing audience. On September 6th 11:30 BST, we will show you how to use content and social marketing, website and mobile optimisation, and even optimise your voice search visibility in order to reap the benefits of the upcoming holiday shopping season. Ready to take back winter?

Update - Sorry if you missed out on the live webinar! Fortunately, we recorded the webinar so you can check out the presentation on your own time if you still want to learn how you can increase your traffic for the upcoming holiday shopping season. Check it out below. Afterwards, if you're interested in learning how reviews can help you increase your traffic, request a demo below.

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