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The Value of a Trustworthy Brand Reputation

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The importance of trust in online education and e-learning

With no shortage of options to choose from, 80% of consumers research learning programs before committing to a course, with nearly 70% spending up to two hours on their research. Read our report to learn:

  • What consumers expect from training and education programs

  • How reviews and ratings about institutions and courses impact consumer decisions

  • How online education and training providers can differentiate themselves in this growing market

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Bad reviews: why people write them, and what they expect

Bad reviews are inevitable for any business. What matters is how you respond to them and what you learn from them. Read our guide to learn:

  • What motivates people to leave negative reviews

  • Which experiences inspire positive reviews

  • The long-term business impacts of satisfying an unhappy customer

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Future Fit

"We recently ran an A/B test with Trustpilot's review carousel and saw a massive increase in conversions from leveraging reviews. The page with reviews converted at 22%, whereas the page without reviews converted at 14% only. With results like these, it was just a no-brainer."

Luca Tagliaferro - Analytics Advisor, SEO Consultant, Lecturer & Speaker

London School of English

"The great thing about Trustpilot is that it works best for organisations that have nothing to hide and have confidence in the quality of their product or service. We simply ask our clients to share their experiences for the benefit of others."

Hauke Tallon, Chief Executive of The London School of English

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Education Industry page - London School of English case study
London School of EnglishLondon School of English

The London School of English sells knowledge as a service, which is extremely hard to quantify. Read more to learn how reviews transformed the way they communicate.

Kaplan x Trustpilot Customer Satisfaction
Kaplan InternationalKaplan International

Read this case study to learn how Kaplan improved their Customer Satisfaction Score 250% by collecting reviews from their customers.

Education Industry page - 7 Ways to boost your conversion rate right now - case study
7 ways to boost your conversion right now7 ways to boost your conversion right now

In today’s landscape, keeping your e-commerce business going is not as easy as it might seem. We’ve rounded up 7 tips to boost your conversions and keep sales high.

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