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LoveBook reveals how review insights bring them closer to their customers

Mittwoch, 3. Juli 2019
LoveBook x Trustpilot Case Study

The team at LoveBook is in the business of extreme personalization. Everyday, shoppers visit their website to build completely customized hardcover books for a one-of-a-kind gift or to commemorate a special occasion.

As one of the most creative and customizable options for heartfelt gifts available on the internet, LoveBook CMO Chris Sonjeow knew his brand’s online presence had to feature the perfect combination of social proof and third-party validation in order to create customer confidence leading up to such an emotionally high-stakes purchase.

LoveBook came to Trustpilot for the social proof, but they stayed for the Review Insights — and now they’re a better business for it.

Our review experts recently sat down with the team at LoveBook to learn exactly how Trustpilot reviews have brought them closer to their customers and powered their business forward.

Don’t miss the video and their full story below.

LoveBook Key Benefits of using Trustpilot Reviews

Building up social proof throughout the shopping journey

So, how do you convince leery customers to take a chance on a never-before-seen gift idea? You put signals of legitimacy and third-party validation right wherever they’re looking, of course.

Chris and the team at LoveBook knew that anytime customers type “LoveBook reviews” into Google, they’re still researching their purchase. They’re not totally sure about the shopping or product experience they’ll have with the company, so they’re on the hunt for trust signals like social proof that others just like them had a positive experience with LoveBook.

Before joining Trustpilot, LoveBook didn’t have a whole slew of reviews to help convince potential customers about their product. Now, when a customer searches online for “LoveBook reviews” they see LoveBook’s display ad with Google Seller Rating stars first in the SERPs, followed closely by LoveBook’s business profile page on Trustpilot and its organic Review Snippet stars ranking second in organic results.

That’s a one-two punch of trust signals if we’ve ever seen one, and as Chris mentioned in the above video — this degree of social proof certainly takes the heavy lifting off of other marketing activities. It’s pretty well established that more is better when it comes to reviews and social proof, and LoveBook is in great shape on that front with more than 32,200 reviews at the time of publication.

Chris and his team have realized over the years that some customers just want to look at the star ratings, and some want to look at the percentage of positive reviews. Either way, with a TrustScore of 9.5 and 89% of their reviews clocking in at 5 stars, they’re leading with a phenomenal reputation when potential customers go looking for them online.

LoveBook Trustpilot Profile Page

Perfecting new features with some help from Review Insights

When Trustpilot launched Review Insights, the team at LoveBook was immediately intrigued. With so many reviews at their fingertips, they knew they were likely sitting on a goldmine of consumer insights that could help their business grow.

Adopting the Review Insights feature allowed Chris and his team to see how they were doing as far as the UX on their website, to the quality of the books they shipped, down to personal anecdotes about how the gift was received.

Now when the team at LoveBooks releases a new feature or capability on their website, they create a Review Insights topic segment to track sentiments about that particular aspect of the LoveBook customer experience.

For example, when they piloted a new site feature that allows shoppers to rapidly build a custom book, they wanted to track what users thought about the updated experience. Their Review Insights segment for this new feature revealed that their sentiment score about the book-building experience increased from 67 to 89 in just two weeks.

That’s a 33% increase in sentiment score, and a big vote of confidence for their new product feature.

LoveBook now applies this strategy to all of their new product and feature releases, so they can ensure they’re delivering an ideal shopping and gift-giving experience to their customers.

Using review content to go the extra mile for customer experience

There’s no question that using consumer insights to fine-tune feature releases leads to big wins in business, but Chris and the team at LoveBook saw another creative opportunity to use review content to complement their well-loved products with an unforgettable customer experience.

Because Trustpilot reviews allows the team to zero in on the emotional stories behind each review, the team at LoveBook can easily foster a one on one relationship with customers who need a little extra love in their lives.

That’s why Chris and his team were inspired to start an internal company initiative called Simply Love.

Whether it’s sending the customer a condolence card to support them in a time of need, or a thoughtful gesture like donating to a relevant charity in their name, we have no doubt that the Simply Love program means the world to LoveBook customers.

Become more customer-focused and your business is sure to thank you

At the end of the day, LoveBook has done an excellent job of using Trustpilot to build customer confidence at the top of the buying journey — but perhaps more importantly, they’ve also created a dialogue with their customers that allows them to turn good feedback into great products and experiences.

If you’re ready to join LoveBook at the frontlines of customer-centricity, click the banner below to request a demo.


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